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Who can tow my car after an accident?

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Not all Tow Trucks can tow vehicles involved in an accident.

In New South Wales, operating an accident towing service requires compliance with certain licensing and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of both the tow truck operators and the public. Here are some key license and regulatory requirements for breakdown towing services in NSW:

1. Tow Truck Operators License - This is a requirement for all Towing Service Providers regardless of accident or breakdown class licence. This will be clearly displayed on the Tow Truck and any relevant advertising. 
2. Tow Truck has TT Plates - Easily iden
tifyable, if your Tow Truck Operator is performing services legally, the Tow Truck will have TT Plates on it. THe format for accident plated trucks is four numbers followed by TT. This is a legal requirement. Any trucks without TT plates and a winch on them are performing illegal services and should be reported to NSW Fair Trading Tow Trucks. 
3. Tow Truck Driver Certificate - Any driver driving a TT Plated Tow Truck, must also hold the required Tow Truck Drivers Certificate. This is issud by Fair Trading and allows the public to easily recognise that this person has had all the required back ground checks to obtain a Tow Truck Drivers Certificate.

With these easily identifibale opportunities. It is clear and easy to see if the person you are going to use is legally allowed to perform towing services. At the end of the day, would you employ an unlicensed electrician to work on your family home?

FUN FACT: Even if you have driven your car home or to the smash repairer, the very first tow in a sequence of tows for a vehicle must be completed by a 'Category A' Licenced Tow Truck Operator and includes hail damage and collisions with animals.

Identifying Licensed Tow Trucks

Licensed Accident Tow Trucks display'TT Plates' with 4 numbers proceeding the TT on the rego plates of the truck. If your vehicle is towed by a licensed operators, you are entitled to recieve the necessary Towing Authorisation. 

Protecting Your Rights: If your vehicle is being towed for the first time after an accident and you are not presented with the Towing Authorisation form, the towing operator is breaking the law and should be reported to Fair Trading NSW Tow Trucks.


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